Creating extraordinary events for private and corporate clients

Collectively our team boasts over 40 years combined experience designing and producing spectacular corporate and private parties, wedding and international productions. We maintain our position at the forefront of event design & production, combining contemporary design philosophy with classic five star hospitality standards and settings. 

Our expert team here at Bespoke all share a passion for creating and hosting unforgettable events which is demonstrated through our extensive portfolio of events! 


The Team

  • Tim Brennan

  • Daniel Morris-Gibbons

  • Sam Haslam

  • Peter Hope

    Production Director
  • Steve French

    Operations Director
  • John Stockton

    General Manager
  • Charlotte Anthony

    Head of Business Development
  • Bella Sage

    Head of Events
  • Lee Glasscock

    Production Manager
  • Charlotte Hedge

    Event Design Manager
  • Megan Bourne

    Head of Sales
  • Saskia Guscott

    Event Design Manager
  • Rebecca Smith

    Office Manager
  • Jack Marchant

    Production Assistant
  • Ben Giles

  • Winston

    The Office Dog