Fancy a wedding abroad? At Bespoke Events, we have planned weddings all over the world and our worldwide weddings team are just a phone call away. Getting married in another country can be complicated, but out team have organised weddings in pretty much every country, so let us help you with the organisation.

Is your dream wedding day you naturally tanned from the few days you have spent lounging on the beach? Do you imagine a picturesque background, the sort you could never get in the UK? Maybe you are on the beach or on a boat surrounded by beautiful deep blue sea? Or is there a famous landmark in the background of all your dreams? Whatever the dream is Bespoke Events London wedding planners have the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

Bespoke Events London has the expertise to create an incredible wedding anywhere in the world. Having already helped plan various wedding in beautiful places, such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Singapore and Paris, Bespoke Events are well equipped for a wedding anywhere in the world. Our worldwide service is exactly the same as what we would do in the UK, find venues, design receptions and get performers, the only difference is that you will be traveling to a more exotic location, which we will help you organise!

Don’t live in the UK but like what Bespoke Events do? As a part of our worldwide wedding services, we help anyone and everyone create their dream wedding. Our planning experts have great knowledge of planning overseas weddings.

So why not get in touch today and speak to our worldwide wedding services team? Click the chat with us link or call us on 020 8961 1510 and start planning you overseas wedding.