In a time where employees are missing interaction in the office and company events, a virtual awards ceremony is a great way to ensure your people remain connected and are made to feel valued in a time of adversity.

Are you thinking “But how do I plan a virtual awards ceremony?

Despite the online format, organizing a virtual awards ceremony still has its own creative journey, with a beginning (Concept), middle (Planning & Delivery) and an end (Legacy & Analytics).

Engaging people remotely can be a daunting task, however virtual awards provide opportunity to think outside the box.

We’re here to guide you through how to hold a virtual awards ceremony with particular focus on multi-dimensional creativity, functionality and strategies to help you achieve your objectives.


By going virtual, the accessibility and attendance of your awards show is no longer restricted by traditional barriers such as venue capacities or travel logistics - now you can connect with a global audience, and achieve valuable engagement on a whole new cost-effective scale. As you start to think about the concept of your event, here are some points to consider:


Your event objectives will help us to advise you on which platforms and broadcast options offer the best features and capabilities to suit your requirements. E.g.

  • Do you want to collect registration information from your attendees?
  • Do you want to simply share information, or interact with your guests?
  • Do you want to generate revenue from your event or showcase stakeholders?
  • Would you like any outcomes to lead from hosting your event?

The best choice for you will depend on the level of interactivity you are looking for, and whether you would prefer to pre-record your content, broadcast in real-time, or both!


While hosting a virtual awards ceremony means there’s no need to plan complicated travel logistics or juggle a multitude of suppliers, the same level of high-quality care and attention-to-detail needs to go in to the design of your content and planning its delivery… scheduling is key!

Luckily for you, Bespoke Digital are industry leaders the design, planning and management of all aspects of virtual awards.

Here’s just a few ways Bespoke Digital is Best!


We recommend platforms which utilise the latest software integrations allowing you to send invites, reminders and information about your awards on the lead up to your event.

Encouraging engagement and conversation is a great way to generate buzz and get your attendees excited before the event!


We have a wealth of experience to create innovative ways to deliver your award speeches and reveals. We can facilitate streaming both live and pre-recorded VTs from a dedicated microsite to add the personal touch for your award recipients.

For those looking for added layers of fun and interactivity, why not consider hosting an audience-voted award, where attendees can use poll features to anonymously vote for pre-selected nominees in real-time throughout the event! Our dedicated back of house team monitor votes and provide your host with data to reveal the winner at the end of your event!


There has been an explosion of virtual entertainment offerings, making it possible to stream dj sets, close up magic, dance, theatre and so much more!

It’s important to know your audience and what they will enjoy - we have partnered with artists around the world to bring you the very best entertainment to add value and make sure you set the tone just right!


At Bespoke Digital, we work with clients to design content and platform features which facilitate achieving pre-determined objectives, and encourage engagement with your brand beyond the confines of the event day.

Our technical team manage your event in a virtual ‘back of house’ meaning we are able to provide attendees with full recordings from the evening, as well as all resources shared - to enjoy all over again!

We pride ourselves on generating as much value for our hosts as their attendees, by providing post-event data such as; registration data, interactivity statistics and much more. We can provide an invaluable insight in to what proves popular about your event for you to consider when planning your next Virtual Awards Ceremony!

Whether your objectives are simple or complex, hybrid or remote - we will have the perfect technical production solution!

Contact the Bespoke Digital team today to discuss how we can help produce a Virtual Awards ceremony you’ll never forget!