It’s easy to get lost in the virtual event platform options available to you and the features they offer. 

Our team at Bespoke Digital has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the virtual event space. We’re ready to discuss your objectives and advise on suitable platform options with features designed to help you achieve your goals. 


We can guide you through event registration and the options available for access, paid ticketing and integrated pre-event mailouts. Virtual event platforms that enable downloadable content for your attendees to access leading up to the big day are perfect for generating buzz!


Whether you’re hosting a conference, product launch or a birthday party, it’s a great idea to use a platform that allows you to send notifications and reminders to contacts to ensure maximum attendance and engagement!  


The Bespoke team by nature pride themselves on delivering events that are custom-designed to each and every client. 

We don’t compromise on individuality by going virtual. We can advise on platforms which offer fantastic customisation options, or for those looking for something a bit more creative we can work with you to build your very own platform, completely unique to you to fully showcase your brand!

Beyond aesthetic design, thinking about functionality is vital. We ensure the platforms we work with are user friendly for your audience with easily accessible links to view your event programme or access your streams.


We’re on hand to advise on the best combination of delivery for your event. Our experienced tech team will be behind the scenes to facilitate smooth transitions between live and pre-recorded broadcast to your chosen platform. Our creative content team can also help with scriptwriting, from award show speeches to emcee introductions.

For those who need a little refining in front of the camera, our dedicated production manager will be right there with you to coach you through your recording. 

However, being the star of the show isn’t for everyone, so for those looking to have more of a supporting role, we will be happy to suggest experienced hosts and emcees full of charisma and character that’s suited to you.   


Promoting business and encouraging sales are fundamental draws to engaging with any event. We can recommend platforms that facilitate e-commerce and profitability for stakeholders.

Do you have sponsors, exhibitors or speakers promoting their business? The best virtual conference software incorporates retail and networking features, allowing your stakeholders to interact with attendees on a group or 1-to-1 basis, and process sales in live-time during your event.  


The ability to meet new people, network and form relationships is fundamental to events, so we believe it should be fundamental in your virtual event platform comparison. 

The best virtual event platforms feature break-out room capability that will allow you and your audience to interact on a more personal and engaging level. From there, attendees have the option to invite others to a private “room” to interact on a one-to-one basis during the event.

Leading virtual conference software also integrates social media into its registration and interaction processes. By connecting with social media, you have freedom for conversation, inspiration and relationships to transcend the confines of the event day itself.  


Despite their online nature, virtual events are still a full-blown production requiring detailed scheduling and management of content. Bespoke Digital's virtual events services help guide you from concept through to delivery and post-event analysis with the expertise of our concentrated technical broadcast team.

Bespoke Digital provides support every step of the way - from platform comparison, content design, pre-live rehearsals and coaching, through to the vital management or running of a show and on the day show calling.

We’re here to help so please do get in touch and let us make your next virtual event a memorable success!